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Okay, you can stalk and ask questions.

Okay, I've recently, (By recently, I mean, I just been bothered to do this) signed up to this site. Its baiscally, (I say basically to much. Must be a English thing.) a site were you can stalk them and ask questions about there private life?! How fun is that? Well, I think a life of a stalker, it must be fun.

But anyway, I made it out of boredom so here it is: THE LINK!  Ask me any question that you want to ask me! Keep it cleans... Wait, me, clean?! Ha! Yeah right! ;) Dirty is always the fun. Innuendos are always somewhere hidden in text.

Wow, it short today? What else can say?... Hmmm.. OH! Go read: Just Because because its amazing. Slash is fluffy and cute. *Dies* Parker and Alex.... : 3 *Love*

Love slash and yoai!

Yoai is my drug...

This picture is septimus from Tinierme.  I think.... Im not sure. It is from here and the artist is here


Best. Day. EVER!

So, the short version goes like this...

Me and friend (yes I have friends) went to Nottingham because of boredom. Went to the mall, walked round and heared that they were playing Chartjackers...

Yep. You read correct. They were playing Chartjackers. Chartjacker: Chackjackers is like the best ever song made my Youtubers across the globe that made it to like the 42# hits in Top of the Pops. Just by the power of the internet. THE INTERNET IS POWERFULL PEOPLE!

It was incrediable to hear it being played their. It was just fantastic! Me and my friend was like, "Wait... I know this song!" Then started to sing along and started to get weird looks from all the other people, ah, what a brilliant day. Getting weird looks from people is like my hobbie. Its so much fun!

Got three books today, me and my friend are sharing them! We got, Time Riders by Alex Scarrow, This book is not good for you by Pseudonymous Bosch and Lex Trent Versus the Gods By Alex Bell. Im reading Time Riders. My friend is reading Lex Trent Verse the Gods and then we're going to go round like in a circle to read the books.

We bought three books because it was Three for Two at Waterstones. (We're in love with Waterstones)

Erm... I haven't go that much exciting news going on at the moment. OH! I have got a maths test tomorrow? I fail a revsion. I trail off and find new things that actually interest me than maths. I hate maths. What my Art teacher said, "Artist shouldn't do maths." I agree! Im a Artist and I cant do maths. I even have this tutor and things and I still cant do it! I fail at life, well, just at maths - Im fine at everything else.

I've been getting addicted to my Game Boy advance SP thing - its brilliant.... Mario rules. I've just been playing Mario full stop for like five days. You get ingrossed into it. Your like in your own little world when your playing it. OH! That remains me, I was playing it in science (dont ask why) and I thought, "I need to complete level five!!!" then my friend behind me lent over to me and whispered, "Can I have a go?" Then we spent the rest of the lesson playing Mario. OH what a waste of a science lesson that was.

So you know, things can get addictive. And I like things. They're cool.

OH! I found this most awesome picture ever!

Its a Icon from Doctor Who! It where Jack is at the end of series what-ever-it-was. It was like used monster dustbin because all the monsters they've justed were all there. Jack is creeped out by the Adiposes (I did know that off-by-heart, Im a sci-fi nerd)  

Yeah, Im going. Hope you enjoyed the story of my life for today!!

Little cousins birthday! She's eleven! She's old enough to go to Hogwarts! :)


Im excited about that. Im just thinking what house she can me in? Hmmm... Im thinking Hufflepuff. Buy since she's related to me, Gryffindor! Oh yes. Im appently pure blood....Muhaha.

Yeah. I've been blowing up balloons for an hour. Its been fun.... They're big. REALLY big.

Percy Jackson has been taking over my brain... I've been planning a story for it. Yeah. I've read the first to the fourth. Im buying the last one tomorrow. Im excited. Also. I've got my friend (s) in to it! Yes! I was happy about that because I rarely get into things or get them into things. So Im happy about that...

Yeah, Im writing this fast because I don't have that much time.

So yes. Writing fast is hard because Im not on my computer. Im on my aunts Macbook. (And don't go on about PC vs Mac because I like both.)

I need to go.


Ps. Percy Jackson rules. Ethan/Nico or Ethan/Percy, Luke/Nico, Luke/Percy or even Nico/Percy.  I like pairing like that. 98% of Percy Jackson fans are Percy/Annabeth. But I like yaoi because its rules! :D

What she said...

Like what my good old friend, Nikki said. All evil guys are blond...

Well... Erm... What she said. I think this picture is brilliant. My sister found it for me. Its...well, I guess its a snippet for Lamia Lodge.

Okay! I had to! All evil world psycho people have to be blond! ((Hint, hint. No 'e' see... Its a guy. And I think my friend Nikki has guessed who it is... :)  ))

So yeah, this is a picture of [not saying who it is] when they do something and something happens and they turn blond...and slivery drawing-in eyes...

Hope you like it! I just got to the middle of Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse. Best book so far! It is. It’s kinda won my Harry Potter fandom over! And I know. I was like...UH?! But yeah, it has. It’s brilliant! And personally, I don’t go for first person wrote books but it sounded good, I read the first book and got hooked! Read it. I defiantly recommend. :)


Bouncy Castles for the teen?


Well, I went to College open day. That was fun. Well....erm... Expect when I got lost and started to just wonder round...Yeah, that was confusing.

But the food was nice! They had like the cookery people who study there make food! And I like food. I had a bacon sandwich. It was nice. They actually gave you bacon, not like one piece bacon - not like the time when I went for this enterprise day thing at school and they gave us bacon sandwiches with just one ration of bacon. And it was cold. Not very nice at all....ughh.

Anyway, all in all, it was good at the open day thing. They had these people (who were obliviously students) who shows us around to all the places and things. Its bigger than my school what is kind of a bugger since I can barely find my way round that, even though I have been there for like five years. And that’s big. But even so, my guide/person/thing was like a mute, or even he was. Well, that isn’t true, he spoke once. And only once. He was tall though. Taller than me, and I'm tall (5'8) but yeah, he just had this bright red t-shirt on saying "College!" and the logo under neath.

I saw people who I know there, though. That was nice. One person from my Science, Math and PE class. (I know him anyway) He was cool. He brought a skate board. I asked him why and said he was going skating after. Simple I guess. And the other person was from my form at school. He didn’t say anything. He just nodded at me and walked on. I think I embarrassed him...Hehe. What can I do to embarrass him?...wait...no...A lot of stuff actually.

So yes. My day was a very interesting day. My dad who came with me to the college open day was bragging on about my aunt who went there and everything then came like a famous artist. Yeah, I'm related to someone who is semi-famous. And my dad. He's not. He's just works for the council. Not very interesting at all.

But me? How did I cope. I just walked round looking lost. I was. I've never been there before and it was awkward.

Oh! This other girl randomly came up to me and started to talk to me about art. I was in the art department to clarify, she didn’t just randomly just come up to me and start talking about art. Her name was Alicia. Yeah. I might be talking art. Im not sure. I'm tied between things.

So yeah. That was my life for two whole hours. Not very exciting than you think but it was okay I guess.

OH! Yeah. Thank you for the person who reviewed on Lamia Lodge and called August! I love that word/name thing. I felt happy! :)

Anyway. I'm gonna go.

Here's a picture of a cat pimping out The Doctor.


PS! When I was going. This woman came up to me and asked me some questions. And the last one was, "How can we improve anything to intrest you more." and guess what I said. "Can you get a bouncy castle?"

I hope they do get one. Because that would be cool.

Writer's Block: Animal magnetism

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

I think I'll be a wolf because I like to stick up for people and my friends and I always try to protect my friends from anyone. Also, I like to be free and do what I want and I have a bad temper what resembles to a wolf, so maybe that’s why.

Meh. Anyway. I gotta go.



Need Ideas.

Ideas? Come on. You know you want to. 

  << You gotta love Yaoi. Albus and Scorpius = <3!

ME! Me sitting on a washing machine...My life gets that exciting. But I am wearing converse so thats okay. ^_^

I have no ideas at all. So I'm just posting images. Yep... Thats it.

If you'll like to give me some idea's to write. Please do so because I'm an complete idiot.

...People will get a cookie...pweese.

Okay, I'm going because I have nothing else to do.



Why him?

Disclaimer: Dont own Harry Potter. But I do own OC.



Why in hell him? Seriously. There are more people out there! Hotter people out there even!


But no. It just had to be him.


Arrogant, big headed, annoying, infuriating, dim witted, and with his little circle of friends always playing and messing about with pranks and other mindless idiotic crap.


But...Him. He was the one who had to stand out. He was the one who had to be funny. He had to be the one who actually be humanly nice. I mean like, going up to me and speaking about common knowledge! Common things and what we had in common. Weird isn’t it?


But no. I had to let myself fall for him. Yeah, I’m his friend and all, but...him. It always was him.


He was the one who came up to me on the train, and started talking to me. He was the one who actually invited me in the compartment on a train with him.


As I think about it. It was always going to be him.


He had to be nice; he had to pleasant and kind. He had to be funny and drag me along with him. Yeah, I’m in a different house than him, but it doesn’t matter. I’m the smart one and he’s the funny, cheeky, abused, stubborn and, of course, attractive one.


Yeah, I’ve always been a sucker for eyes. But his...I do one of those dreamy girl-ish sighs over them. Even chuck in leaning on your elbow and just staring dreamily at them as well, because I would do that too. They are that mesmerizing. It’s annoying to think so as well. Me doing that to him. I’m his best friend for Merlin’s sake; it’s just against the rules to fall for your best friend isn’t it?


Damn him and his amazing charms. But, they are. Never have I ever thought that he can be so.... Unwordable! And that isn’t even a word! He is seriously, amazing. I’ve had a crush on him since first year when we started hanging out with each other. And it’s annoying as hell. And of course I don’t show it. I show my smart side to him. My intelligent side. Because, apparently, I’m the sensible in are deranged group.  


It’s totally insane. Really, it is. I’m a Ravenclaw and he a Gryffindor.


I’m the brains and he’s the brawn.


It’s like a little cliché story going on inside my head. And I hate cliché because it’s annoying and Mary-sue-ish and I could see it, the person prancing round in a daisy filled field, throwing them over their shoulders and looking way too cheerful for my liking.


But seriously now. I’ve had a crush on him since first year of Hogwarts. And I’m in third year now. You only see this in films or stories but this, this is real life people! This can’t be happening!


But....It’s just him. And of course there are other hot people in our school, younger and older – mostly older, strangely enough.


I have told one person and one person only. And that was my other best friend. Alex. She recommended – and mind you, that this was last year that she told me this and still does on a daily basis - that I should just tell him. And, I try, seriously I do try. But I just end up with my jaw just twitching up and down trying to get the fricking words out that got mysteriously caught at the back of my throat. Convenient, hey? But, I gave up. I’m just waiting until this crush ends. What seems at the moment to be never.


And I have tried everything to get over him. Hitting my head most of the time but I have tried on focusing on someone else. But...no. It didn’t work. 


So, now you see it. I conclude. I am completely insane.


Because I, Quentin Percival, is in love with James Sirius Potter.